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Hard work built our country. But, sometimes, hard work can use a little luck. In 1907, our founder, William B. “Stoney” Jones was playing a friendly game of poker. Hours passed, fortunes turned, and Stoney walked out with the deed to the Eureka Gold Crown Brewery in his pocket. Stoney went to work crafting the best all-malt Old World Beer he could brew. And it didn’t take too long before people started asking for “Stoney’s Beer.” Our hard-working tradition and our pure honest taste live on to this day. That’s why, all these years later, you can’t lose with a Stoney’s in your hand.

Back in the day, the leading brand of beer in Pennsylvania was Duquesne Pilsener. Its roots went back to the days of the Pittsburgh region’s burgeoning industrial age and immigrant influx. Where there are hard-working people, there has to be beer!

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